Duster – Contemporary Movement

Contemporary Movement

Starting off slow and moody, Duster’s most recent CD begins with the feeling of a fog rolling in over the hills. A musically engrossing and encompassing fog. There is such build up in the first song; you almost start to get anxious waiting for the breaking point of the repetition. When it does break, you sigh and let Duster take over.
These San Jose, California natives are no novices to the world of music. Members of Duster have been in other bands such as grindcore bands Mohinder and Calm. To add to their indie music resume they have toured with dorm room gods, Modest Mouse. You could have guessed that from the guitar work “Travelog.”
Vocally Duster’s Contemporary Movement is relatively sparse. This should come as no surprise to those familiar with the band Valium Aggelien. This is none other than Duster going under an alias to perform completely instrumental works. This is not to say this CD goes without uttering a single word, you could almost sing along to “Contemporary Breakups.”
Another comparison that stands out quite a bit is the now deceased Flake Music – melancholy pop music at its finest. Duster at times seems like they might be their reincarnation. Overall however, Duster have a slow and brooding sound all their very talented own.