Cursive – The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song

The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song

I purchased this album solely on the recommendation of an online zine that claimed it is one of the 10 essential emo albums of all time. I was not dissappointed. Cursive plays fast, dynamic emo-core with complex time changes, strong rhythms, and enough of a hook to keep you rocking. The singer doesn’t just sing, he belts out his lyrics with an intensity that borders on amazing; he’s not really screaming, just singing loudly, so that you can still understand him while getting that intense feeling. At times, the singer sounds like Eric Bachmen from Archers of Loaf, and at other times he reminds me of the vocalist from the Penfold song on Emo Diaries III. The music itself belies comparison, but I hear some Jawbox structure mixed in with the dynamic rock. Apparently, this is a concept album. I don’t normally like concept albums, and I’m not really sure what the concept here is, but this album is definitely cohesive. Favorite tracks are “Proposals,” “Semantics of Sermon,” and the amazing, loud and wonderful “When Summer’s Over Will We Dream of Spring.” This album has not left my CD player. Buy it, trust me. Unfortunately, they have broken up. I am researching the band members’ new bands, but the singer is off in law school. A shame, for they are amazing.