Cursive – Split EP

Split EP

Crank! is in the process of releasing some of their split 10″ records as CDs, and this is one of their first. To start, Silver Scooter dish up comforting pop music with the soft vocals, sparse instruments, but stirring music that comes out in “Orleans Parish.” “Sunlight” features a bit more rocking Silver Scooter, but they come back down to normal with “Bob’s BBQ,” the instrumental “D,” and the fantastic “Holding the Flare.” This band knows how to craft soft pop songs with an obvious mood. Cursive plays a much more aggressive, edgy rock than Silver Scooter, so it’s surprising these two bands were brought together. These songs rock hard, definitely keepers. “Returns and Exchanges” and “Pulse” are emotional, intense rocking numbers, but it’s the last track, “Tides Rush In,” that blows my mind with its loud-soft dynamics, the intense vocals that slam into your head, and the shouted “Coast is clear!” Ah, this is fantastic stuff, similar but beyond the label emo-core. Cursive has definitely risen, albeit after their own fall, as one of my favorite bands. The only problems with this album is that it’s short (about 25 minutes, but what do you expect, it was a 10″) and that Silver Scooter and Cursive don’t really seem to go together. But it mixes it up nicely, not too much of any one thing.