Cole – Idea of City

Idea of City

Cole is a power-trio from Chapel Hill, N.C. (I think Chapel Hill has more than its share of good bands). This is their second release and first full-length. While they may not be the best known, this band will instantly appeal with fans of indie rock, emo, and post-hardcore music. I hear elements of June of 44, Far, Slint and others represented in this band’s blend of pure, aggressive rock.
“$2 Better” kicks things off, loud and aggressive, with angry, post-hardcore lyrics and some great bass. “Tropic of Cancer” is over six minutes long and features a number of time changes. This one is most June of 44-ish, with good uses of silence and more spoken than sung vocals. The guitar work here, however, reminds me of bands like Seam, crisp and loud and excellent. The lyrics also get pretty intense, as the singer shouts out “she can’t fight it…she can’t fight it…motherfucker!” “Throw Out the Lungs” has a kind of Appleseed Cast feel about it, harsh and somewhat dissonant and angry, with almost whispered vocals. The somewhat droney vocals in “Means to Discover” and the emphasis on the drum beats remind me a lot of I Hate Myself. The music doesn’t get screamy, but it does get louder and more intense, a very impressive song. “Reduress” is a bit more poppy, with some good guitar riffs and raspy vocals. The chorus here is pretty catchy too. “Recidivism” reminds me of Sweep the Leg Johnny somewhat, not a lot of vocals but impressive, deep, and powerful music. The vocals are doubled for an interesting sound. “The Coastal Plain” is a seven-minute instrumental, with lots of cool jangly guitars and high-hats and some excellent bass. Oh, and then there’s 40 seconds or so of cool bass drums and guitar industrial-sounding rock, just to tie it all together.
I was really happy to get a copy of Cole’s Idea of City. I know there are a lot of pop and rock and other bands out there that I don’t know of, but I thought I was pretty up on the emo-core bands. So it was nice to hear someone completely new that could impress me the way Cole has. This is definitely for fans of bands like Slint, Seam, Appleseed Cast, June of 44, and even some of the more hardcore bands. Check out Cole, you’ll be hearing of them soon.
(note: You can get Idea of City on clear vinyl with an extra track – a cover of Tom Waits’ “Gin Soaked Boy” from Gridsector. Tell ’em I sent you. I don’t know why, they won’t give you anything extra. But it would be nice.)