Children of Fall – Riding a Broken Vehicle

Children of Fall
Riding a Broken Vehicle

Released last year on one of the finest Belgian hardcore labels, Genet records, Riding a Broken Vehicle is the first album by the Swedish four-piece Children of Fall. The singer and guitar player are ex-members of Serene (whose only album, Inward Flowering, is a must-have for all intense screamo emo-metal fans, also on Genet). And there’s several comparisons I can make between these bands: both of them use screamo-style vocals supported by melodic/harmonic guitar parts, and both of them achieve what Grade dream (but won’t) reach. And once you manage to deal with the shouting vocals, it’s intense melodic emo you have here!
But, what about the songs? Well, from “Keeping it Real” (58 seconds long!), which is a really good old-school meets emo assault, to the longest track (the last one at six minutes), “Arbeit Macht Frei” (check out the lyrics to see what they’re talking about), there’s nothing bad or just not good enough on this record. It’s an all-winner 10 tracks/30 minutes that I’ve been listening for almost a year now, and that never displeases me. I can tell you these things don’t happen all the time!
So, to sum up the highlights of this CD, I would say it has pretty good screamo-style vocals (sometimes just a spoken voice, sometimes intense), imaginative/melodic yet powerful guitar lines, and the rhythm section (not remarkable, just good) does its work finely. A good band it is, but the most important thing to note is the great quality of COF’s songwriting. To me, this band is one of the most enjoyable emo bands ever, no kidding! Plus the have this rocking Swedish ability from bands such as Fireside or Refused.
You definitely gotta hear these guys’ music. Check out their website for two MP3 from the album and another on the label’s Children of Fall page. And good luck finding the CD; this won’t be easy but, once you lay your hands on that sweetheart, you won’t leave it for a while.