Cadallaca – Out West

Out West

Why do I like the new Cadallaca record so much? Probably because for one it makes me sentimental. I have a framed picture of my best friend and I when we were about in 7th grade I cherish. We had made our summer pilgrimage to 6 Flags Over Texas. While there we spent what money we had left after a day of splurging on Dr. Peppers and Popsicle’s on a photo of the 2 of us. Not just any photo, the old timey kind. You know the kind where you get to dress up like a girl with a brothel job in the 1800’s, with garter belts and all.
This photo has warm and fond memories for me, maybe that is why I was drawn to purchase Cadallaca’s most recent CD. The cover and inside photo are one of these very same sepia coated photographs of these 3 lovelies. Kill Rock Stars brings us this four-song EP, which is a follow up to their debut full length Introducing Cadallaca on K. Cadallaca’s sophomore effort sounds a whole lot like the first for the most part; however, I noticed a few things different. Speaking of nostalgia, there are some tracks that remind me of early Heaven’s to Betsy, I’m talking dating back to the ‘These Monsters Are Real’ 7″.
Two releases later and it is finally clicking with me that this Sarah Dougher and the solo Lois like recording artist on K Sarah Dougher are one in the same. Yes, and that is also the same Sarah Dougher from The Lookers. Sarah and her organ are an indie force to be reckoned with. The more obvious segway is Corin Tucker to Sleater Kinney and Heaven’s to Betsy – there is no mistaking that voice. The third person in this trio, STS still remains a mystery to me. All I could dig up is that she is also in a band called The Haggard where she also goes under the alias STS.
Cadallaca has always seemed very different to me than any of these girls other projects. It is not as emotionally driven as Sleater Kinney nor as mellow as Ms. Dougher’s solo work. I feel myself drawn to the slower prettier tracks on this CD. “Fake Karaoke Machine” finishes the record off like icing on a melancholy cake. The CD is recommended listening. It may not make everyone want to call old friends, but either way it is definitely worth your time and effort.