Built to Spill – Keep it Like a Secret

Built to Spill
Keep it Like a Secret

Keep it Like a Secret is Built to Spill’s latest album, and you can tell. Like other long-time indie rockers (Guided By Voices, Pavement), you can hear maturity in this album. “The Plan” starts off the album, and Martsch’s vocals hit you in the face. I was a little taken aback at first, but it definitely sticks in your head, and this song has become one of my favorites. Another favorite, perhaps the best song on the album, is the slower “Carry the Zero,” which has sweet-sounding soft guitar, a rolling rhythm, and vocals that fit perfectly. It sounds so sweet, I listen to it over and over. “You Were Right” is another favorite, with the lyrics, “You were right when you said all we are is dust in the wind, you were right when you said all we are is bricks in the wall.” Every song on this album is a good listen. However, it’s important to note that while Built to Spill are rock, they do not really “rock.” This album does not get in your face, allow you to jump around, or annoy your parents. In fact, your parents would probably like Built to Spill after a few listens. That’s kinda scary, but, as you grow up, you’ll realize that’s ok. You can always freak them out with something wonderful like Boy Sets Fire.