Buford – S/T 7″

S/T 7"

This release is not especially new, but for lack of a working turntable, I was unable to listen to it for quite some time. So I finally have the chance to review it, and I believe Buford is worthy of a review. They had a song on Emo Diaries II, “After Dark,” that blew me away with its driving yet not-quite-punk rhythm and its fantastic vocals. I sought them out on the Internet and found very little. Apparently, other than one or two split singles, this is their only other release, and they have dissappeared from sight. It’s too bad.
It’s obvious this 7-inch was recorded before “After Dark,” for none of the songs quite match up to that song’s maturity, sincerity, and power. But, heck, this is still pretty good. These songs are all fast, rocking numbers with great lyrics, think well-sung power-rock or rock-punk. “Pedal On” is the best track, with backing vocals (something done well on “After Dark”) and a nice background guitar that really mixes up the sound. “Small Girl in a Big Town” is a little more straightforward, with fairly unoriginal drum beats and guitar riffs. But, with the “oh-ohs” in the background, the song is quite fun, and it definitely rocks. “Bugsy Cogsy” is rather standard power-rock fare, something that sounds like it fit a few years ago into the San Francisco Bay scene. And “Slimy Record Label Guys” is similar, but it’s got great wit (as you can tell from the name), and it’s really a fun song.
So, I’ll definitely keep my eyes out for anything new from Buford, but I’m guessing they’re broken up. It’s too bad. This 7-inch shows a lot of potential that was likely realized during the time recording their Emo Diaries track. I’d love to hear more.