Brandtson – Fallen Stars Collection

Fallen Stars Collection

Another Deep Elm emo-rock band. Brandtson features hard-edged guitar riffs and double vocals that make this band unique. The first few songs on the album are pure gold, poppy and incredibly catchy. You’ll be singing “Blindspot” for weeks. The album gets a little bogged down in a more grindy, heavy sound, but it picks up again toward the end. This is an excellent album, and if the band continues to improve their sound to put out a whole album like the gems on this one, it will be a perfect album.
Fallen Stars Collection is the band’s second full-length album, and it clearly shows a maturing of the band. The band’s previous album, Letterbox, was excellent, but it was also inconsistent. Unbelievable emotional and powerful tracks were followed by others that sounded like Alice in Chains songs. The new album doesn’t have the one or two stand-out songs that Letterbox had, but it is much more solid and consistent, making for an excellent album. One thing that does seem a little odd, the vocal stylings change throughout the album. The first three songs or so feature just the single singer, I believe Jared Jolley, but that’s not entirely clear. The middle four or five tracks sound much more like the Letterbox songs in that Jolley and Myk Porter sing over each other for a fascinating vocal effect. The last few tracks feature one of the two singers sounding much like fellow Deep Elm artist Camber’s vocals. I personally prefer the dual vocal effects, but these changes do not hurt the songs. The songs are longer and more intricate than Letterbox’s tracks, with the average being about 5 minutes. Brandtson’s latest album is another feather in the Deep Elm cap. I imagine this would be an excellent band to see live, and I’m hoping they tour the mid-west. I’m also hoping that the band will continue to improve. If they could combine the incredibly catchy songs of Letterbox with the song-writing and emotion of Fallen Stars Collection, they’d be unstoppable.