Boy Sets Fire – The Day the Sun Went Out / In Chrysalis EP

Boy Sets Fire
The Day the Sun Went Out / In Chrysalis EP

Don’t ya just hate labels? This band has been called screamo. It’s emo, but screaming. Get it? They do scream, and often it’s too abrasive. But they sing too, and then they’re beautiful. Sometimes they’re both, and then they’re powerful. I didn’t like the screaming at first, but now I’ve come to appreciate it. It’s hard, fast, and it really works, making me want to scream along and throw myself around, and sometimes I’m in the mood for that.
This, the band’s first release since the amazing “The Day the Sun Went Out,” is an EP that contains some songs to be on the band’s next full-length. And it’s worth getting, even on the basis of one song under 3 minutes: “Cavity.” This band rocks like no other. “Voiceover” and “The Tyranny of What Everybody Knows” are both extremely loud and fast, driving hardcore. In fact, the two songs blend together, separated by a voice sample at the beginning of “Tyranny.” While “Voiceover” is almost all loud screaming, “Tyranny” has some of the Boy Sets Fire singing that makes it so wonderful, and the chorus, “Truth is truth, is lie.” “Loser of the Year Award” and “Cavity” are the more hardcore-emocore songs, similar to their last album. “Loser” is decent without standing out, but it’s about the band themselves, and that makes it cool. And “Cavity” is just about the coolest song I’ve ever heard. From the first “Right!” as the song kicks in to the fantastic singing accompanied by screaming, the chorus of “wait, wait, wait for something to happen,” to the driving drums and guitar riffs. I love this song and can listen to it over and over again. Too bad it’s so short. And then there’s “Holiday in Cambodia,” a Dead Kennedy’s cover that’s played with so much heart, it’s obvious to tell DK was a big influence on Boy Sets Fire without even reading the little notice saying so in the liner notes. A great cover, up to the final “good bye.”