Bound4Venus – Publicity Stunt

Publicity Stunt

Having no record label to blame, I’m going to ask that you go directly to the Bound4Venus website and tell them to demand an apology from their publicist. She has not only wronged you and I in having us believe that Publicity Stunt is in even some remote way a “hook-laden, rock-your-socks masterpiece,” but she has also done a disservice to Bound4Venus by letting them believe that within their bio sheet, the Sex Pistols is a justified name-drop. The joke here is that Publicity Stunt, with a heavy amount of cheese plus an even thicker coat of production polish, is more the lame, soft-rock shuffle than the great rock’n’roll swindle.
Imagine a watered-down version of Boston’s notorious Victorian rockers The Upper Crust. Okay, water that down even more and take away their costumed shtick, Victorian-era references, and tongue-in-cheek appeal, and you might be close to what Bound4Venus sound like. These guys are taking themselves way too seriously. I’m not one to usually point out the physical characteristics of a band or an artist, but when a band takes a normal photo, as seen inside the insert, and stretches it out to have the band members appear thinner on the back of the jewel case, AND on the back of the insert when you open the jewel case, you have to think that image is something of importance (note to bands: when you’re weighing somewhere between 250 and 300 pounds and appear to be just under 6 feet tall, lose the tight, wife-beater shirt when it comes time to take your band photo … it scares people).
Gene Dante (lead vocal/guitar), Jim Foster (guitar/vocals), Tony DeMauro (bass), and Baron Von Hellmut (drums) are not starving artists and have spent some money on this release. Singer and songwriter Gene Dante has had some amount of success touring Europe with The Rocky Horror Show and has even made appearances with The Boston Rock Opera. His singing exemplifies that background and his delivery is at times overtly, if not annoyingly, theatrical. The music that Bound 4 Venus create is like an updated version of Spinal Tap, but again, watered-down and without the oh-so-important parody.
Perhaps the one good thing, if not ironic, about Publicity Stunt is that most of you will never have to listen to it. Maybe Bound4Venus are more of a live, party band. Find out for yourself when they become Dante’s Inferno, this month’s (October) undead house band at something called Perhaps then, there will be that crucial element of comedy.