Boredoms – Vision Creation Newsun

Vision Creation Newsun

Ok, I want to know who the hell has been hiding this band from me. This record is a fantastic combination of everything I love about rock and roll, and it manages to leave all the flab at the door. I just can’t stop listening to this wondrous little plastic disk. From what I have read, VCN is a bit of a departure for this Japanese based group. Earlier reviews focus in on the bands use of noise. Here, the emphasis is definitely on melody and texture.
The drums play a primary role on this record. Using two percussionists, the band creates massive grooves that form amazing rhythmic structures. Often, the rest of the band drops down in the mix, letting the beats evolve and grow. For example, “Two Circles” (there are no song titles, only symbols) starts with a rolling, tribal drum intro, then adds layer upon layer of synth and guitar. A quick vocal burst by leader eYe leads into the slightly distorted section, and the drums just drive things home. “Up Arrow” features eYe messing with the mixing board, fading volumes and pans about with seemingly no care. But just before it becomes annoying, the song rights itself with some bubbly keys and tremolo-ed guitar that sucks you right in. This band obviously knows their way around the studio. eYe’s soothing, if somewhat odd, vocals at the end add an excellent human feeling to the track. “Tilde” sounds almost folksy, with acoustic arpeggios set against some rather demented drum rolls. Once again, synths add enticing textures in all the right places.
Sadly, not everything is perfect. Track 9 rehashes “Two Circles” main guitar riff and simply runs it into the ground. Also, the drum work becomes a bit repetitive at times. Plus, the omnipresent delay can eventually become tiresome. Nevertheless, the record provides some of the best songs I’ve heard in awhile. This is certainly worth picking up if you have the cash.