Books Lie – I Felt Like Such a Loser Until I Realized I am Already a Winner 7″

Books Lie
I Felt Like Such a Loser Until I Realized I am Already a Winner 7"

Another dose of quick Level Plane hardcore. I’ve heard the name Books Lie bantered about before, but this is my first taste of the band. They play aggressive hardcore that’s a bit more punk influenced than what you might expect. Think a more aggressive Hot Water Music, perhaps. But what makes this band interesting is that they don’t appear to be tied in to any punk or hardcore cliches or expectations. They throw in more melodic guitar lines or even danceable beats, dabbling and experimenting with sounds they seem to like, and it makes them all the more appealing.
On the opening “Candy Striper,” the band takes a more punk-rock approach, driven by powerful percussion and shouted vocals. But the best part about this song is the ultra-crisp guitar line that leads throughout, reminding me a bit of a band like the MC5 pulling in some kind of groove, and it lends a more melodic touch to the aggressive song. By the end, it slows a bit, and it gets more intense. Maybe I made that MC5 comparison because of the title of their next track, “Young MC5.” A kind of punk/new-wave instrumental, it’s an intriguing track, led by up-tempo, intricate drumming and very cool effects. You can dance to this! This is extremely surprising and cool.
Now shift directions, with “Marker” being the most all-out hardcore track here. Deep and loud, it’s totally in-your-face and aggressive, with vocals that are now growled at you. Again, the band doesn’t let you get comfortable with their sound, as “Thanks, Easter Bunny” is a shake-your-ass up-tempo track, led by a drum machine and a new-wave style keyboard. It’s short and sweet, and then you get the cleverly titled “Rhymes with ‘Tiss, By Ass’,” the most punk-rock song here. Reaching a bit back to the influential 70’s bands like Sex Pistols and thrashing a bit more, it’s speedy and powerful.
I like this band quite a bit. Intense and angry at times, more light-hearted and experimental at others, they really show a lot of qualities I like about music – mainly, the willingness to try new things. Still, they’re a hardcore band through and through, and fans of the genre will definitely find this band to their liking.