Boney Fiend – Super Fiend

Boney Fiend
Super Fiend

So I am sitting here tired after cleaning my room and I am listening to the new Boney Fiend album that they sent me today. I designed the web page for the Jerk Off Records web page, so that is how I found these dudes.
I guess the first thing I can say about this album is holy punk rock, I love this! I didn’t know what to expect when I first popped it in, because the cover (as you can see) is sort of Misfit’s evil style. This is your typical looking punk rock three-piece band, which is still alright in my book. So the first song came on, and I thought to myself, If I didn’t know what band this was, I would think it was the Ramones. Yes people, I compare this completely to the Ramones. The only things different are the vocals. They are semi crackled and grungy, like Dicky of The Might Mighty Bosstones, but not that much. There are many catchy riffs and vocal parts that you just want to dance and sing along to.
This is not my favorite style of music, but punk rock is what got me into music in the first place, so I still have respect for it. It’s nice knowing that Joey Ramone has done so much for music and his memory will live on forever in his music and others, like Boney Fiend.
There are some songs about things I totally discourage, but it’s not my band so what can I do, right? “Gimme Some Beer” and “My Reefer” are two of those songs. Even though the songs are so good, I don’t like it just because of the lyrics. Why write songs about crap that can harm you. I dunno, I am straight edge, so I just get annoyed at that. Sorry for ranting a bit.
If you are into the punk rock love, then totally go out and buy this album, or go to the web page and order it, and listen to sound clips. “Spark it up and pass it around” as Boney Fiend would put it. Rock for life!!