Bo Bud Greene – Las Olas

Bo Bud Greene
Las Olas

I’ve been postponing reviewing this album for a while, not because it’s bad, necessarily, but because it has 19 songs, which tires me, and because it’s one of those albums that falls in between good and bad. Thus, it’s all the more difficult to define and to explain. Still, that’s the area that most bands’ releases fall into, and that shouldn’t be an excuse.
Bo Bud Greene remind me of that group of kids in high school who you knew were in a band but you’ve never heard. People said that they were really good when they play in their garages, but you doubt how good they could really be. After all, they’re just cocky punks with too much attitude. That’s how I would define Bo Bud Greene: punks with attitude and a decent ability to rock. These songs are pretty fast, punkish tunes with a lot of energy and some decent guitar licks. The vocals practically drip with “I’m better than you,” but perhaps it’s really just “I’m having fun.”
A lot of these songs are pretty straight-forward fast rock songs with punk energy, which reminds me a bit of Fig Dish, a comparison I seem to be making more often recently. Songs like “Tree” and the grungy “Joy” rock hard and fast, but don’t leave an impression when they’re done. At other times, the band just comes across as weird and maybe a little playful, like in the tongue-in-cheek sloppy “Kazoo” and the unusual “When the Judge Became a Believer.” There’s even a bit of a ska sound on songs like “Short Boarder” and surf-rock on “Left on Guadalupa.” There are some songs on here that hint at a greater talent, like the more intense and slightly emo “Mosquito Catcher” where the vocals finally click and the Mudhoney-ish “K.C. Brown Master of Soup.” But some of these are virtually unlistenable, sloppy and annoying, like the rambling “Hit the Ball with Significant Force” and “Bubblezoid in My Garage.”
So this isn’t really bad stuff. These guys have a lot of energy, and they put it to good use on all 19 tracks. They toss in some punk speed and enthusiasm with some mediocre vocals and a playful nature to keep things interesting. But they still sound like a garage band, and this album makes literally no impression on me after it’s over, except that I just spent an hour listening to mildly entertaining music.