Beangrowers – 48K

Another European band, this one from the small country of Malta, I believe. Don’t quote me on that. This band has the European sound down, and they take just enough from some American goodies to make their own sound somewhat unique but accessible. The female singer has a perfect rock band voice, sweet but with an attitude. At times incorporating elements of Bjork, the Cranberries, No Doubt, and Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Beangrowers have a pretty decent sound, one that could be popular in the states, I’m sure of it.
“Astroboy” is somewhat fast, with the vocals especially strong, and some cool synthesized spooky background noises. “Genzora” has those Siouxsie and some Throwing Muses qualities, which I like but haven’t heard much of lately. Perhaps it’s dated, but it’s a pretty good song. How’s this for a title: “Milky Moo Moo” sounds like a slower No Doubt song with better vocals. The singer sounds Bjorkish on “Feel,” again with the early 90s Throwing Muses comparisons to song structure here. “Cabbage Head” is a little tedious, with lines like “touch me on my tummy, that feels yummy.” Oh, look at these other song titles: “Poody Winkles,” “Miffy,” and “Spooky Wooky.” Isn’t that adorable? *gag* “Miffy” is a good song, though, fast and bouncy, fairly No Doubt-ish. The songs do tend to sound similar when they slow down, such as the somber “Maradona,” which is still a pretty track.
The more I listen to this album, the more I like it. And also the more I’m sure this band could have been an American alternative pop band around 1994. The Throwing Muses, Belly, the Breeders, the Pixies, they were all doing this kind of female-fronted, moody pop sounds with a lot of energy. And this band probably does it almost as well, although they may have copied the music exactly for all I remember. They manage to sound unique, and I appreciate that. They may be behind their time here, but they’re probably fitting right in in Europe, or maybe they’re even trend setters. Either way, it’s worth a listen for you Yanks out there!