Bargain Music – Cook the Beans

Bargain Music
Cook the Beans

Ya, mon. You just cook da beans in da pot over dere until you can roll dem in da paper…
Oh, sorry, mon. I did no see you dere. Ya, mon, I am Frank, and are ya here for da weed, mon? Come on in, mon. Dat’s prime weed, right dere. Here, let me put on da groovy music while ya smoke up. Oh, you’ll like dis. Dis be Bargain Music, and dere all about da weed and da funky reggae, mon.
We all know da reggae be about da funky beats and the low bass parts, da head-bobbin’, and da weed, mon. Especially about da weed. Oh ya, you know da Bargain Music like da weed. Dey even sing about da weed. Da song is called “I Like Weed,” and ya know, it’s about weed, mon. Yeah, dey like da weed. What were we talking about? Hey, pass dat over here, mon.
Anyway, dese guys, da Bargain Music, dey got da Sublime ting going on, and dat’s big wit da kids, ya know. Well, some would say dat da Sublime music was big a few years ago, but we weren’t paying attention den, and we just found dat Sublime album dat got played on da radio all that time, so dat’s what lead to Bargain Music. Don’t believe me? Just listen to da “Movin On Up” wit da horns and funky beats, and who cares if dey be singing da Jefferson’s words. Dey were watching dat show when smokin’ da weed, don’tcha know? Oh, and dat “Murderer,” dat’s pure reggae, mon, much more so dan dat Sublime band was. And dat remix of “Long Beach Millennium” wit da smooth funky beats, dat’s prime fake reggae, mon. Oh ya. And it goes on for 12 minutes, oh but it gets acoustic too, when da guy sing about his cat, mon. He sings, “Well I still love Furball, and Furball, she loves me.” Dat be deep when you on da weed, mon.
Oh, but Bargain Music ain’t just about da slow funk, don’tcha know? Oh, dey got the low-end funk-rap songs too, like dose smooth beats on da “Blow 4 Blow.” And sometimes dose beats on “Dub Fucking Mad,” dey be real smooth and nice like, but den da band mix in da weird sound loops and echo effects, and man, dat’s really cool when ya on da weed, mon. And if a little bit of dose Southern blues beats mix in, dey can do it for eight minutes on da “Roastfish Medley” song dere. Oh, den dere’s dat nice acoustic blues number, “Wednesday.” Dat be a good song, if ya don’t listen to da silly lyrics, cuz dey say tings like “I know the sky’s yet to fall, and when it falls I hope it falls on you. Do do do do do do.”
Da Bargain Music, dey had dat debut album, 77 033, wit da producers Mike Watt from da Minutemen and Petra Heyden from Dat Dog, and oh, everyone dey be saying how good dat album was. But dose guys aren’t working wit dis album. No, dey were too busy smoking all day nice weed to show up for dis album. Oh, but did you hear about dat band Sublime? Dey’d like dis. Dey still around? Hey, pass me some of dat.