Bane – Give Blood

Give Blood

Bane, the name should ring a bell, and if it doesn’t then you are obviously listening to the wrong music because Bane is quite simply one of the best hardcore bands ever. Their music is angry, beautifully made, and dissonantly melodic, while their lyrics offer insight and give solutions instead of just complaining about the problems. In short, this CD is amazing, and their live show is simply awe-inspiring.
Give Blood is the successor of the insanely popular It All Comes Down to This. Give Blood picks up where the last CD left off, bringing the old recipe of hardcore shout-alongs and mosh parts but also bringing Aaron Bedard’s unique and wonderful vocal stylings. Lyrically, the CD is beatiful as well, a true testament to the eloquence of Bedard. The lyrics are poetic, angry, brutally honest, and – above all else – true. For example, take this excerpt from “Snakes Among Us:” “your garbage it is growing / and your weapons and rebellions / were charged on daddy’s card / to all your baffled looks / we didn’t choose to do this the hard way / but we scream our lungs and we raise our glasses / to all the girls, and all the boys / with the first five minutes of a war always at their sides.” Or this piece from “Release the Hounds:” “all swelled with pride, your chest blown out / face the flag as you declare / ‘we are the greatest country in the world / richest, smartest, most advanced… / who can keep up with us?’ / and where has it gotten us? / take a look around / as miserable as we have ever been / violent, mean, pulling our hair out / as fourteen year olds march through metal detectors / bitter, unhealthy, empty / most dissatisfied of societies / my granddad weeps for the simple days.”
Oh my, I love this CD to death, and it is very definitely one of my favorite albums of all time. If you don’t have it, then you need it, so go get it, or else you will be left out on one of the best – if not the best – band in hardcore.