Automatic 7 – Beggars Life

Automatic 7
Beggars Life

I picture these boys having slicked back hair, tattoos, and thick side burns. That rock-a-billy meets power-pop look. This is a pretty close description according to the blurred pictures on the inside of the CD. Automatic 7 fits snuggly into a boy with an electric guitar stereotype and don’t move up or down much from there.

Automatic 7 are very good at what they do – power chord aficionados, I assure you. The drumming is quite good as well; “All They can Steal” is an example. The fourth song on the disc, “98,” is the best, with a nice build up. There is a very similar feel to Social Distortion; the singer even sounds like Mike Ness.

Unlike the Social D gang, this band is apparently pretty anti-partying. Not a damn thing wrong with that; they are just so against it that Ian McKaye would be proud. There is even a song called “Syringe” about a lost cause junkie friend, the last line being “You know your mother’s missing you right now.” It’s touching really. The title track, “Beggars Life,” is a little diatribe about kids that only want to see a band play and really don’t care if it is Automatic 7 or not – life on the road is hard. If anything, the lyrics seem very personal and heartfelt.

If heavy guitars and chords are your cup of tea, Automatic 7 will be a dream come true for you. These three guys are very tight and have their sound and style of music down pat. No, it is not the most original sound, but in this over-run genre, this is some of the better music I have heard.