Atombombpocketknife – Alpha Sounds

Alpha Sounds

If you are going to have a name like Atombombpocketknife, you are going to have to live up to your name and be tough. Why not sound really tough and go with the name Atombombjailhouseshank. Just go all out and use the whole opposites, yin/yang spectrum and call it Atombomblittledaisies. The delivery of this band is more like a pocket knife than an atom bomb. The a-bomb may be more useful, but the pocket knife is more fun. Anyway, a pocket knife can get you out of a tough situation.

I had this dream once where I walked into this convenient store, and there were these evil full size muppets in the store. They were causing trouble throwing candy on artificially flavored snack foods on the floor. I left the store and the pissed-off demon muppets started to chase me. Needless to say it was messy, with muppet stuffing everywhere. I came away unscathed. Alpha Sounds would be the soundtrack to that dream.

The three-piece band consists of bass, drums and guitar that jumpstart you into “America The Great” with starts and stops that has split second pauses. “The Unofficial Guide to Backstabbing” sounds a bit like early Sonic Youth and keeps soft feel for rapid song. “Window Washer Mafia” is the scene where the evil muppets start to chase me. Hiding in a grassy knoll is the feel of the beginning of “Explode Again,” and then what else to do but to explode again. The rhythm section punches away in “Divorce Yourself,” while the guitar adds more punch and keeps it interesting. “Playing Chandeliers” exhibits smooth changes while changing the structure of the song (there’s a little math rock lesson for you). “Conceit Needs Concentration” shows that this band can take an emotional elevator a few floors down. The final song, “Slide,” has that crunchy guitar flavor the kids love and sends you to a melodic droning world.

So what is the lesson that we have learned today, kids? Never be afraid if you are confronted by evil muppets. After all it is easy to kick someone’s ass who is made of cotton.