At the Drive-In – In/Casino/Out

At the Drive-In

At the Drive in play emotional hardcore, or emo-core, or maybe something in between. At times, their driving, intense, fast and loud rock is reminiscent of Hot Water Music or Seven Story Mountain. This isn’t your typical screaming, political hardcore, which I can’t stand. This is just fast, loud, passionate music. But the band slows it down at times, as well, to play something between your average emo band and your average hardcore band. “Alpha Centauri,” “Chanbara,” and “Lopsided” are good examples of the band’s hardcore, driving nature. “Hulahoop Wounds” and “Transatlantic Foe” are good examples of their quieter side (not that these aren’t fast rock songs, just not hardcore as we know it). The singer tends to sing in a driving tone that sounds almost as if he’s shouting, but it’s completely clear and understandable, something also lacking from most hardcore bands. But when he actually sings, his voice has this amazing wavering sound that I find incredible. It’s much more evident on the First Crush track than on this album, but when it pops up, I take notice. If only he’d sing more in that voice, I’d probably love this album.