As Friends Rust – Won

As Friends Rust have come a long way for not having a full-length out until now. Though Damien is still in the front seat, it seems as though the previous singer of Shai Hulud is the only remaining band member of As Friends Rust from the last recording. Even stranger, progress was made, and the band sounds better then ever, right from the first song.

Won does include two of the songs previously released on Doghouse Records Dog House Fan Series 7″, however equally good if not better, the songs this time around are quite a different tune. Like the rest of the LP, As Friends Rust are yet again notorious for breakdowns and build-ups all over the place and motivational lyrics overlapped in vocal shouts and strength.

Though I have not seen As Freinds Rust come across the country from their home of Gainesville, FL., they have been here (California). I have always dreamed they would be a wonderful live experience. I have seen video material as well as the numbers of those attending European shows, and it blows me away. This is the combination of guitar-driven hardcore, emo, and rock that the band has been progressing toward since their early years. Damien gets you amped to the style of AFI’s Davey Havok while singing an equally emotional and mature message.

In comparison to previous albums, I would explain that this album leans a bit away from the hardcore stylings and more towards rock. It seems more well-rounded over all and includes a majority of the faster songs they are known for, but with more dual-vocaling, guitar changes and in-depth songwriting all together. If you’ve yet to hear anything by As Friends Rust, think AFI with less intense and sometimes redundant or agitating hardcore and with the Gainesville, FL. edge. The last track of the LP even provides proof that Damien Moyal has a great voice. Provided that is him, I do hear a difference in voices, whether he’s singing or a new member contributes.

My hopes are that the band doesn’t require any further changes to this particular line-up. Everyone sounds good and as if they are contributing to the songwriting area. It looks as though the tour support for this release is quite extensive, so if nothing else get out and see them in a city near you to verify my recommendation. They have downloads available to sample, so I’m sure you’ll hear what I mean and find as the well that you are far less than disappointed.