Apple of Discord – You Were Right

Apple of Discord
You Were Right

Five stars for good stuff. This band has a lot of elements of previous legendary emo greats with a hip spin on it, with intelligent hooks, surrendering lyrics, and build-ups/break-downs to fill the listeners holes. You’re going to think I’m weird, but singer James Cuartero has a great high-pitched tone. It’s within the boundaries of tough still and very strong, which is especially apparent in “Eternal Flame,” the third track of You Were Right. This song reminds me of the times when you walk into a show and the door opens, the music is instantly loud, and you can tell the band is good because you sort of get those goose bumps watching everyone inside with their face turned up to the ceiling and their eyes closed.

This band and release are not especially new news; in fact, this release was recorded in 2000. I suppose initially a soft-spoken band would not catch on, but again with a deeper look there is much to be seen. Harmonic riffs are swirling all over the place, keeping things diving and rolling. “The Sorrowful Mystery of Your Face is One More Thing that Keeps Me Awake” even ends with a nice solo. With track titles like this one, you might think of this as another depressing, whinny group. Not so. Though the ideas are tortured tails of love and insecurities, they are demonstrated so realistically. There aren’t any times where it becomes old or whiney or redundant. There is a nice mixture of kinder, softer ballads entwined with that pianoed-tune guitar structure and sympathetic surrender.

I finally got to demonstrate the whole “bet you can’t have just one” theory. And by one I mean one song. I listened to this release a lot before I decided to go over to and see what the hell is up with these guys. Looks like they are booking an east coast tour. The band doesn’t blow anything out of the water, but they take simple structure and a knack for perfectly hitting my taste and go to town. The production is even good, and I can’t think of any reccomendations for them other than to put out some recent stuff and send it out my way.

If you’re into the older (and better, if you ask me!) Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World stuff with a tint more emo and a great strong vocal track, this is the disc for you. With trut- baring lyrics such as “My love won’t breathe, she only chokes,” how can you turn them away? It’s all in the songwriting, friends. It’s got character, and it can fill your void in the proper situation. The Cure is sad and melancholy, but did that ever steer anyone away? Nah, just eat it up for the metal you are to the magnet that pulls you.