Ann Arbor Canasta Fix – S/T

Here’s one of many 4-track recording projects I have heard. If you like your music lo-fi, poppy and weird, this should appeal to you. This was performed by an American female (I think!) affecting a poor British accent, who does the one-man-band thing.

Track one sounds like a pissed- off Luscious Jackson taking their frustrations out in the garage, and I enjoyed this number. I wish more of the disk was like this. The rest of the disk is a noisy grab-bag of instrumentals and instrumentals with monotone rants over them. It sounds like a collection of found basement-tape ramblings, more fun for the author than the listener.

I have a firm belief that if artists want to go the 4-track route, they’d better have something important to say, or at least write some good songs. Otherwise, records turn out like this one: fun for a first listen, but I don’t plan on putting it back in the player any time soon.