Acrobat Down – Re: Dereliction

Acrobat Down
Re: Dereliction

Acrobat Down was the first band I saw in Denver, opening for some national touring band. I was immediatley impressed. I felt good. I knew that it would be ok to live in Denver, because bands like Acrobat Down lived here. It’s a good feeling. RE: Dereliction is Acrobat Down’s first full-length album, and it’s an amazing debut. The five-piece added a keyboardist recently who adds not only keyboard but samples and other unique sound effects to the mix. Singer Aaron Hobbs’ somewhat raspy voice manages to carry a lot of emotion into these songs. The lyrics are excellent for a young band, mature and clever. There’s no denying the band’s enthusiasm on this album. It comes through in every song. Acrobat Down doesn’t neatly fit into any niche. They’re emo without being overly sappy and without singing entirely about lost love. They’re straight-ahead rock, but don’t lump them in with your bar or garage bands. They’re experimental without being prog-rock. Basically, they’re five people who sound like they’re having fun, and making great music in the process. They have a lot of enthusiasm live, so catch them on tour now.