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Acrobat Down – Denver – The Bluebird Theater, CO – 1999-10-23

Acrobat DownWhere: Denver - The Bluebird Theater, CO.When: 1999-10-23Despite being one of my favorite bands for the past few years, since the release of their fantastic emo-rock album Four Minute Mile, I have never seen The Get Up Kids live. It seems like I always miss them. I drive home to visit the folks and find out the Kids played there the … [Read more...]

Pele – Denver – The Bluebird Theater, CO – 1999-10-10

PeleWhere: Denver - The Bluebird Theater, CO.When: 1999-10-10What a line-up! How could you miss a show like this? How could a show like this suck? Well… Ok, it didn't suck, but it was a disappointment. The first disappointment was that the place was full of kids. And I don't mean 18-21 kids. I mean pre-highschool kids dressed to look like … [Read more...]

Eddie From Ohio – Boulder – The Boulder Theater, CO – 1999-09-08

Eddie From Ohio Where: Boulder - The Boulder Theater, CO. When: 1999-09-08 Eddie From Ohio...ever hear of them? Probably not. EFO is a small folk-rock band out of Northern Virginia, my most recent home. This band plays a style of music that I liked hearing described as "new-folk-calypso-rock." Yep, it's got everything. And, oddly enough, … [Read more...]

Rainer Maria – Denver – Double Entendre, CO – 1999-06-19

Rainer MariaWhere: Denver - Double Entendre, CO.When: 1999-06-19There isn't much better than seeing a good band in a small venue. I saw Rainer Maria in a record shop. I was surrounded by 15-year-olds, but that's ok. The music quality was surprisingly good, but that may be attributable to the band. Rainer Maria play emo/indie rock that's filled … [Read more...]

No Knife – Denver – 15th St. Tavern, CO – 1999-06-18

No KnifeWhere: Denver - 15th St. Tavern, CO.When: 1999-06-18A line up like this doesn't come along too often, so I had to go. Unfortunately, it was one of those Friday nights where you're so tired, nothing seems like fun. So we got to the 15th St. Tavern (a real dive) early (and didn't have to pay!) to have a few beers and people-watch. The show … [Read more...]

Acrobat Down – Boulder – The Fox Theater, CO – 1999-05-24

Acrobat DownWhere: Boulder - The Fox Theater, CO.When: 1999-05-24I wasn't going to review this concert. I wasn't even going to go see The Poster Children, but I got free tickets, and how can you refuse that. I tell you, it was definitely worth the price, maybe even double! The Poster Children are long-time indie rockers. They have been together for … [Read more...]

Acrobat Down – Denver – 15th St. Tavern, CO – 1999-05-21

Acrobat DownWhere: Denver - 15th St. Tavern, CO.When: 1999-05-21Eric Bachman was the frontman of one of my favorite punk-rock-noise bands, the Archers of Loaf. Unfortunately, the Archers have broken up. That means Bachman, who was always willing to work on side projects before, is now on his own, and was he ever. Bachman played at the 15th St. … [Read more...]

Acrobat Down – Denver – The Bluebird Theater, CO – 1999-05-13

Acrobat DownWhere: Denver - The Bluebird Theater, CO.When: 1999-05-13The Gloria Record play a melodic, emotional, textured style of rock that is virtually unmatched today. After the break-up of Mineral (one of my favorite bands and a pioneer in the emo-rock genre), The Gloria Record rose and took over where Mineral left off. Featuring the … [Read more...]

Brittle Stars – S/T

Brittle StarsS/TOk, I admit it. I'm a sucker for pretty music, especially pretty pop music. I wonder why people like listening to stuff that's so heavy it hurts your head, sometimes, when you can listen to such pretty, heartfelt music like Brittle Stars. Brittle Stars play 25 minutes of pure, sweet, unadulterated shoegazey pop on this full-length … [Read more...]

Bright Eyes – Every Day and Every Night EP

Bright EyesEvery Day and Every Night EPEvery Day and Every Night is the band's new five-song EP. This is country-tinged rock that is highly dependent on Conor Oberst's vocals. I am reminded of Will Oldham and Palace, somewhat, in that this music has a definite and palpable atmosphere and mood. It's laced with darkness, but it's not overladen. "A … [Read more...]