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Papernut Cambridge – Love The Things Your Lover Loves

Indie super-group-by-accident, Papernut Cambridge, single-handedly invent originality within retro and make one DOA reviewer lose his critical marbles.

Ships Have Sailed – Whispers EP

The L.A.-based Ships Have Sailed release a stripped-down but emotionally resonant EP.

Tanya Donelly – Swan Song Series

Just ahead of a bout of Belly reunion touring, Tanya Donelly exhaustively compiles her most recent guest-heavy solo recordings, which until now have mainly only been available across a series of digital-only EPs.

Manon Meurt – Manon Meurt EP

Canada’s Label Obscura reissues the debut EP from Czech noise-pop outfit Manon Meurt.

Future Elevators – self-titled

Techno-pop with a slightly grimier sound than is usual, although the songs and production don’t quite match each other on this occasionally inspired debut release.

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Interview with Wonky Tonk

The engaging and enthusiastic ‘punk cowgirl’ Wonky Tonk, AKA Jasmine Poole, reflects on her musical (and life) journey.