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Beaches – Second Of Spring

Seventeen tracks of dream-pop, post-rock and electronica from a little-known although highly-regarded Australian all-female quintet.

Dean McPhee – Four Stones

Lone solo electric guitar explorer Dean McPhee returns with another bleak yet immersive suite.

NI – Dedoda

Post-rock and angular New Wave collide with impressive instrumental results with this Austrian band that combine their music with performance art.

Mikael Tariverdiev – Olga Sergeevna (reissue)

Antique Beat and Earth Recordings bring another expansive yet up-close soundtrack from the late Mikael Tariverdiev in from the cold.

Luna – Feral Child covers 7″ x 2

As postscripts to their still-fresh covers-based comeback album, Luna deliver two seven inch slices of other people’s songs, with some shared space for Cheval Sombre thrown into the mix too.

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Interview with Katie English (Isnaj Dui)

The always insightful Katie English (littlebow, The Sly And Unseen, The Doomed Birds Of Providence et al.) talks to DOA about the latest album under her prolific amorphous Isnaj Dui alias.