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Politburo – “Barrington Way”

Manchester’s long-serving Politburo releases a ’60s-scented psych-pop hybrid single.

Michael Kiwanuka – Love & Hate

Micheal Kiwanuka returns with a second album that satisfyingly tops his debut with a more muscular and refreshed sound.

Rothko – Discover The Lost

Misplaced survivors of the late-‘90s British post-rock scene, Rothko return again in remarkably rude health, with their first full-length release since 2007.

Lovelace – Lands

Merging alt. folk and urban electronics, choral vocalising and indie guitars, Lovelace’s debut album combines minimalism and imagination, with some inspired results.

Michael Tanner – Suite For Psaltery And Dulcimer

Plinth’s own Michael Tanner creates a captivating exploration of form and tone with Suite For Psaltery And Dulcimer.

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Interview with Beauty In The Breakdown

Chastity Ashley, the dynamic frontwoman of EDM outfit Beauty In The Breakdown, enthuses about the band’s new EP and energetic sound.