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Ezra Furman – Perpetual Motion People

Comedian, maverick, or songwriting talent to compare with some of the acknowledged greats? Ezra Furman would like to keep us guessing.

Sonic Youth - Goo

Artists On Albums: AOA#45 (Spectres’ Joe Hatt and Adrian Dutt on Goo)

The heads and hearts behind Spectres and Howling Owl Records uphold the inspiring noise-pop alchemy of Sonic Youth’s durable and still-loved major label debut.

neck of the woods st

Neck of the Woods – S/T EP

Impressive debut from Canadian prog-metal outfit Neck of the Woods is sure to please fans of intelligent, heavy music.

Richard Thompson - Still

Richard Thompson – Still

Hooking-up with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy as producer, Richard Thompson delivers a new studio album which finds some equilibrium after a few years of aesthetic pendulum-swinging.


Cary Grace – Tygerland

Electronica, blues rock and folk influences combine to make this a very interesting release from a US musician now relocated to England.

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Interview with Maff

The members of Chilean noise-rock band Maff give some insight on their compelling sound and diverse 8-song EP.