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Buffalo Tom – Let Me Come Over (deluxe reissue)

Buffalo Tom’s seminal 1992 album returns with the deserved deluxe treatment, sounding arguably even better with age.

Jody Cooper – “One”

Singer-songwriter Jody Cooper delivers a Beatles-like piano ballad from his upcoming two-album opus.

The Real Hooks – “Damn You”

Pensacola’s The Real Hooks unveil a brand new blast of polished power-pop.

Olivia – “I Choose This Love”

Rising Canadian pop star Olivia delivers a sparkling and buoyant electronic pop track that showcases her sweet vocal tones.

Jagged Vision – Death Is This World

Norway’s Jagged Vision deliver a second collection from the heavier metallic corners of the hardcore world.

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Interview with Jylda

Captivating Berlin-based singer-songwriter Jylda chats about her new single, sound and vision, and live performances.