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Port of Est. – Onyx Moon

The experimental electro-pop duo Port of Est. melds a plethora of sonic elements into its electronic-based sound.

Spoon – Gimme Fiction (deluxe reissue)

Spoon’s somewhat misunderstood transitional album gets the deluxe expanded reissue treatment ten or so years after its original release.

Cali Blake – Cicadas In The Sun

Acoustic-pop noir torch-singer Cali Blake releases a stark but potent album that focuses on her duskily seductive vocals.

Twin Haus – Nothing Lavish

A four-track album from an Australian band whose combination of post and progressive rock styles makes for an involving and challenging thirty minutes of musicality.

Cyril Secq / Orla Wren – Branches

The ever-evolving sound world of Orla Wren puts to shame these days of ‘landfill ambient’, through this highly evocative team up with Astrid guitarist Cyril Secq.

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Interview with Wonky Tonk

The engaging and enthusiastic ‘punk cowgirl’ Wonky Tonk, AKA Jasmine Poole, reflects on her musical (and life) journey.