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Highland Kites – I’m Not Weak

Combining alt.folk and dream-pop with practised unpredictability, Highland Kites are possibly your new favourite band for 2017.

Astrïd & Rachel Grimes – Through The Sparkle

Veteran Louisville polymath Rachel Grimes hooks up with Nante’s Astrïd for an inviting and stirring instrumental suite.

Faten Kanaan – Pleiade Hex 6

After last year’s mesmeric debut LP and a recent collaboration with Pye Corner Audio, Faten Kanaan returns with a second album of even more elusive analogue electronic essaying.

T. Rex – Remixes

Forty years after his untimely passing, the music of glam rock icon Marc Bolan gets an electronic makeover at the hands of some club and trance mixing desk specialists.

Phil Lomac – “Don’t Know What Love Is”

Veteran musician Phil Lomac reveals his softer side on a bittersweet and reflective symphonic country number.

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Interview with Luna

Dean Wareham and Sean Eden gregariously explain all on Luna’s live and – now – studio return.