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The History Of Colour TV – Something Like Eternity

Merging psych-pop, grunge and experimentalism, this Berlin based trio’s third album is an unpredictably impressive one.

Sula Bassana – Organ Accumulator / Zone Six – Forever Hugo

Two virtually back-to-back releases, both featuring the multi-dexterous talents of David Schmidt, explore two different corners of the Krautrock world.

BJ Wilbanks – “I Can’t Help It”

Singer-songwriter BJ Wilbanks explores his musical roots by digging deeply into soul, blues, Southern rock, and Americana.

Taos Humm – Flute Of The Noodle Bender

Howling Owl Records and Stolen Body Records co-release the long-in-the-pipeline debut from Bristol-based psych-rock chameleons Taos Humm.

The Home Current b/w The Assistant and Pye Corner Audio & Faten Kanaan 7″ singles

London’s Polytechnic Youth label pulls up 14 more inches of micro-electronic goodness from its seemingly bottomless well of new releases.

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Interview with Brandy Butler

Singer-songwriter Brandy Butler gets deep and perceptive in a talk about her soulful new debut album.