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Short Takes (Everlost US, The Grand Undoing & Tumbler)

Reviews of fresh cuts from alt-rocking one-man band Everlost US, singer-songwriter The Grand Undoing, and folk-rock trio Tumbler.

Rattle – self-titled

The dual duelling drumming duo of Katharine Eira Brown (Kogumaza) and Theresa Wrigley (Fists) follow 2014’s debut 7” EP with a striking exploratory eponymous full-length album.

Gravitysays_i – Quantum Unknown

Prog-rock performed with mastery; the third album from this Greek band is a stunning combination of synth and guitars, with folk and psych elements.

Short Takes (Jane In Space, Mac Gollehon, The Departure, & Ajay Mathur)

Reviews of tracks by electronic industrialists Jane In Space, EDM-salsa melder Mac Gollehon, alt-rockers The Departure, and the veteran Ajay Mathur.

The Chills – Kaleidoscope World (reissue) / Martin Phillipps – Live At The Moth Club

After last year’s full comeback studio album, The Chills’ songbook old and new is explored more deeply with these two divergent yet complementary releases.

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Interview with Vibrissae

Aaron Bell of electronic/shoegaze band Vibrissae spills details about upcoming debut album Somewhere Away and the act’s hybrid sound.