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Les Bohem – “Fancy Footwork”

Veteran musician, screenwriter, and author Les Bohem has finally released his first folk-inflected album, from which “Fancy Footwork” is a key extract.

Jane In Space – self-titled

An album of industrial and techno-based offerings that is strong on songwriting some of which you can even dance to.

Australian Testing Labs Inc. – Music For Aircooled Motoring

For the first new genre-blurring Polytechnic Youth label release of 2017 – in the shape of this debut LP from the obscurely anointed Australian Testing Labs Inc. – motorik grooves steer on to minimal-electro side-roads, with diversions into synth-pop, glam-rock and discombobulated disco.

Ivanna – Leaving Town

Sweden’s Ivanna deliver an album filled with yearning male vocals and engaging ’80s-to-’90s sonics.

Thorin Loeks – Thirsty Hearts

Canadian singer-songwriter Thorin Loeks resonates strongly with songs about the journey of life.

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Interview with Tim & Puma Mimi

Quirky and fun electronic pop duo Tim & Puma Mimi chats about new tune for an animated short film and a colorful upcoming album.