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Secret Colours – Dream Dream

Chicago-based enthusiasts of all things Britpop make a power-pop album that’s redolent of the sounds of the previous four decades.

Les Techno – “Trophy Wife”

NYC’s Les Techno takes a swipe at US politics.

Moon Diagrams – Lifetime Of Love

Deerhunter’s drummer Moses John Archuleta unveils his first very-long-in-the-works album release as Moon Diagrams.

The Van Pelt – Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves / Sultans of Sentiment (reissues)

Spain’s La Castanya label rescues the angular-poeticism of The Van Pelt from out of print purgatory.

Alarma – “Chaingang”

LA’s Alarma brings a vivid variety of world music styles to its energetic and laid-back songs.

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Interview with Hermitess

Also known as performance artist Jennifer Crighton, Hermitess shares a few of her inspirations and ideas in this revealing interview.